The final Image Set 07 has been posted to the website.  All presentations are due on Thursday.  If you need to reference the Research Paper Project Brief, follow the link.  The line-up is as follows:

Thursday 04.24
Bobbie Sedlmajer
Josh Wagner
Courtney Woolheater
DJ Bilka

Thursday 05.01
Blake Foxley
Garret Walter
Seth Harwood
Jacob Urban


How does economics impact architectural form?  Economics does not only refer to forms of currency, but the way in which resources are extracted, used, and traded.  We explored this question through the lens of Image Set 04 and Amos Rapoport’ second Chapter in House, Form, and Culture.  There is not reading due for next week as the Outline and Revised Thesis is due.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

Outline & Revised Thesis:
Week Twelve, 04/03 | 10% Research Project Grade

After receiving comments on the annotated bibliography and thesis, make revisions to the initial thesis statement. The thesis statement should now be a part of an outline. The outline must be broken down into an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body must further break into the points you will discuss throughout the paper.